'Very pleased to announce that we are now an MSA recognised and authorised motor club.
This recognition comes after another local motor club put in an objection to us being part of the MSA.
The objection was found to be without merit and was thrown out by the MSA senior management.

With this recognition we look forward to a very busy 2019 and club officials thank all members and non members who supplied detailed corroborating evidence to counteract the objection.'
Following approval of ODMC in early November, the MSA re-branded itself as Motorsport UK and re-launched with a new identifying logo. Operation of the UK's regulatory body is unchanged.

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Co-Driver Training

The first training course to be offered by ODMC will be a rally co-driver training session in January 2019. Minimum age 14yrs. Select Training & Courses in the menu or . . . . .