ODMC respects your privacy.

Only the data you supply and required for the purpose you are registering is stored. Only your name and email address will be stored for newsletter circulation but more data is required if you are joining the club, entering an event or displaying your car. We do not ask for or store more data than is required for your specified purpose.

Data Storage
Newsletter data is stored on our local computers in the UK and on mail Chimp’s secure server in the USA. All storage meets European GDPR regulations. Other data for club membership, event entry and similar purposes is stored on our local computers with separate backup.

You can request to see the data we hold for you at any time

Third Party
We will not at any time allow our saved data files to be circulated to a third party except in the following circumstance:
Where club members enter events organised by another club or ODMC organises an event in partnership with another club, only data relative to the specific event/entrants will be shared.

Group Confidentiality
Except in specific circumstances we will not at any time divulge your data to other ODMC members. Exceptions include contact details for club officials, event organisers, or other instances specifically approved by the member and published on the ODMC website.

Unsubscribe / Remove Data
Every newsletter includes a link so that you can unsubscribe from the newsletter. For your privacy and security, once you have unsubscribed we can not reinstate your subscription – you must complete a new subscription yourself using the Reactivate Subscription button.
You can at any time request that we remove the data we have stored for you for other purposes such as event entry by using the Remove Data button. Once removed we cannot restore your data and you will have to enter it again..

You must agree to the conditions of ODMC Privacy Policy before you can be added to our newsletter circulation list, join the club, display your vehicle at an ODMC static display event, or enter an ODMC competitive event. If you do not agree then your application will be rejected and your data will not be stored.